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A Better Way to Test & Tag

We’ve developed a cutting-edge asset management software, PETAS (Portable Electrical Testing and Storage), to protect your workforce and your business at every turn; now and for the long-term.

Our test & tag programs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your work place, including electronic barcoding and logging of your equipment in PETAS, so we can provide you with comprehensive reporting for Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) compliance reporting.

PETAS stores a record of your test results including polarity, earth continuity and insulation resistance for up to seven years, so you can always rest assured you have the data necessary to demonstrate your safety compliance.

Test & Tag

Our experienced and qualified technicians provide test and tag services throughout Australia.  

Our test and tag programs are tailored to meet the needs of your workplace and include electronic barcoding and logging of your equipment in our proprietary asset management software so we can provide you with comprehensive reporting for WHS compliance.

Our Test & Tag Services
Portable Appliance Testing
Eye Wash and Shower Station Inspections
Fire Hose Reel Testing
RCD Testing
Lux Lighting Levels + Artificial Lighting Testing
Fire Blanket Testing
RCD Testing - Body Protected
Microwave Leakage Testing
Smoke Alarm Testing
AED Testing and Replacement
First Aid Kit Maintenance
Essential Services Audits
Exit & Emergency Light Testing
Fire Extinguisher Testing
Compliance Reporting & Records Management in PETAS

Demonstrating Your Safety Compliance

Once we’ve tested, tagged, and logged your assets in our system, it will prompt our schedulers to contact you in advance of the next testing date. This automatically ensures you remain Workplace Health and Safety compliant, as your assets will always be tested within each required timeframe. Your data is safely stored – and at your fingertips for seven years.

PETAS - Our Powerful Asset Management System

Responding to our client needs for flexibility, compliance and easy access to data, we developed our proprietary asset management software PETAS (Portable Electrical Testing and Storage) to interface with a range of handheld data capture devices used by our field technicians.

PETAS records the results of all inspection and maintenance activities, including who carried out the inspection, when it was done, and details of any faults or deficiencies found. On-demand full accountability and verification reports can be generated for issue to clients, property owners, insurers and authorities

Proactive Management for Peace of Mind

The PETAS platform can add almost any maintenance task along with the requisite testing timeframes. Our system’s Test Due Reports can be individually configured to flag the type, site and details of items due as the re-testing approaches.

Our proactive management of your inspection and maintenance due dates ensures your assets operate safely during use, reliably in the event of an emergency, and you remain in full compliance with current legislation, standards and building codes.

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